"La Unidad Educativa Bilingüe Jefferson les presenta todas las características institucionales que nos han llevado a convertir en un hecho indiscutible y definitivo, la oferta de una educación de más alta calidad".
Manifesto Jefferson

Manifesto Jefferson

We transmit: the love of knowledge – a curiosity for the unknown - experimentation for the unrealized .

We urge exploration of the vast of crescent of human discipline.

We foster personalization: we cherish individuals with the belief that what makes us different makes us stronger.

We raise doers: mixing knowledge with imagination, creativity and entrepreneurship to empower our students to create and do.

We conceive character & independence: only through mental liberty can one know thyself and only with this self knowledge can one find true passion and pursue happiness.

We believed in: justice, honesty, responsibility, respect and the importance of moral conduct to coexist in social harmony.

We exhort students: to indulge in an ever-changing world, not only to seek the need to understand and learn from it, but to feel the urge to challenge it, to raise the bar and become protagonists of change.

We speak “Humane” and act upon it: there is no race and no religion that is above one or the other. Our doors are held open for everyone who wishes to become immersed in the interests of human knowledge.

We are bilingual: experienced over 35 years in the mastery of teaching English as a second language for a globalized world.

We are united & empathetic family:  a team, a group of friends, educators, students, parents, sons and daughters.

We are today.  We are tomorrow.  We are Jefferson!


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